Free to Choose: How Our Choices Determine Our Destiny

Each day we make a lot of choices. From what we will eat for breakfast to who we will spend our time with. All choices are important These choices either lead us to become better or lead us to bad habits. Some choices are more important than others but all contribute to our overall happiness. […]

We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Establishing Good Habits

Good habits can be hard to establish. It seems like bad habits creep in without much thought but good habits take lots of repetition and mental toughness to stick with. This has always been true for me. Even when I have established a good habit, if I stop thinking of it often and repeating it […]

5 ways to Overcome Your Negative Thinking

I am a negative thinker. I don’t even know why or how it started. It has been something I have always struggled with. It is not an easy thing to overcome. This has been one of my many goals of late though. To overcome my negative thinking. As I have mentioned, I am new to […]