Being a mom is a part of who we are, whether or not we are at work. That is why I am calling this section “mom life” This section is for all things pertaining to being a mom. Parenting, marriage, homemaking, etc. All meant to help you enjoy being a mom more fully!

I love spending time with my family but often feel like I am spending more time with laundry, dishes, etc than playing with the kids. I am a mom to two sweet kiddos. We are in the process of getting autism and ADHD diagnosed with my daughter. She has global developmental delays and mild sensory processing though. My son is 2 and is so busy and fun. Because of her delays, my daughter is close in maturity to my son. It’s almost like raising twins! Our home life is often chaotic. Being a working mom means I have less time to keep my home running smoothly. But it is still possible!

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