We are what we repeatedly do

Healthy habits are so important! From fitness to cleaning to budgeting good habits lead to success in life. They also lead to happiness. I have been working on building good habits and am excited to share my advice with you. There is always something that we can do to be better today than we were yesterday.¬† One of my favorite quotes comes from Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

In this section, you will find all of my advice on how to build healthy habits. It is ok if you don’t have any healthy habits yet. I didn’t either a little while ago. Or maybe you have some bad habits(don’t we all)? I will also share my experience with overcoming bad habits.

We don’t need to fix everything all at once. We need to pick which habits are most important to us and start with them. Only then can we continue to grow and not get overwhelmed as easily.

We are what we repeatedly do: Establishing good habits