Finding Balance Between Home and Work

Finding Balance in life is hard for everyone. Here is a section where I will share ways that I have found a balance between work and home life. A few of my ideas include…

DIY and Hobbies

There is something about a good DIY project that gets me excited. When it is done I feel so accomplished. While I am no expert at crafting, I still love it and want to share my projects with you. Here are a few

How to celebrate Easter on a budget (includes Easter crafts)

How to make a cute monogrammed burlap wreath

DIY felt quiet books

Goal setting

Finding balance also involves setting goals. We can set goals for our work and our home. While many of us are forced to set goals at work we often may neglect our personal goals. I have never been great a goal setting but I recently have started and it has made such a difference in my life. Goal setting doesn’t have to be complicated. We just need to work on one or two things a time and build from there.

Realizing I needed to set goals: Motivation behind my blog

We are what we repeatedly do: Establishing good habits


I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Spirituality and faith are very important to me. This is how I balance my home and work life and remember what is most important. I want to share these thoughts with you!

An answer to all of the hope that is within

Free to choose: How our choices determine our destiny

Count your many blessings: Thoughts on keeping a gratitude journal


Nursing is a stressful career. It is hard not to take these stressors home. We need time to ourselves to unwind or de-stress. Here is where I will share ways that I de-stress and tips for you to do the same.