Favorite Mom and Nurse Products

This is a page of all my favorite mom and nurse products. I have included a description of each so that you can learn why I recommend them. These are affiliate links which means that if you click the links and order products, I will earn a small commision. This is at no extra charge to you. I only recommend products that I own and love or hope to own some-day.

Nurse Born Products

These are all products invented by nurses! I love supporting fellow nurses! The koala clip is a holder for your stethoscope. It allows you to carry your stethoscope without taking up pocket space or having to have it around your neck all day. This site also sells Ultrascope Stethoscopes. These have a dome-shaped┬ábell that is meant to block out background noise. They are each hand painted and super cute. I’m saving up for mine!

Sunfrog T-shirts

Sunfrog has a wide variety of t-shirts. They have a lot of great t-shirts for nurses. If you click the link below it takes you to a page of my favorite nurse t-shirts from their site.

Amazon Products

I love Amazon! Having young kids means shopping in stores is often a challenge. I love being able to shop from home. The reviews allow me to make good choices. I noticed recently how many great nurse products they have. Everything from gift ideas to helpful nurse tools. Here are a few of my favorites!