How I Finally Started Meal Planning and Quit Buying Fast Food(Mostly)

Before I started meal planning, we spent $100 dollars a month or more on fast food. We still spent quite a bit on regular groceries too. Since we are trying hard to pay off our student loan debt we needed to stick to a better food budget. I knew that the best way to do […]

How to Fight Depression With Exercise, and Increase Your Happiness

Why Exercise? People exercise for different reasons. To lose weight. Or build muscle. For fun maybe. But for me, it is essential to my mental well being. It is one of the ways I am trying to fight depression. I began exercising regularly a little over a month ago and I am loving it. Exercising […]

5 ways to Overcome Your Negative Thinking

I am a negative thinker. I don’t even know why or how it started. It has been something I have always struggled with. It is not an easy thing to overcome. This has been one of my many goals of late though. To overcome my negative thinking. As I have mentioned, I am new to […]

Realizing I Needed to Set Goals: Motivation Behind My Blog

Many of you may wonder why I decided to start a blog. It has been something I have wanted to do for a while but struggled to actually pursue this goal. Below is my very first blog post ever from my first blog that I started at the end of January. Most of it still […]