We Are What We Repeatedly Do: Establishing Good Habits

Good habits can be hard to establish. It seems like bad habits creep in without much thought but good habits take lots of repetition and mental toughness to stick with. This has always been true for me. Even when I have established a good habit, if I stop thinking of it often and repeating it […]

I Finally Bought a Planner and I’m So Glad I Did.

This week, I finally broke down and bought a planner. Prior to this, I’ve always been “too cool” for a planner. I’ve always been a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person. I determine what I want to accomplish by what sound fun at that particular time. I don’t like being forced […]

An Answer to All the Hope That is Within

I have a lot of hope. Hope that everything will work out eventually. Hope that there is still a lot of good in the world. And that there is a God, He is our Heavenly Father. He knows us. He sent His son to redeem us. Every bad thing that happens is only temporary. Religion […]

How to make a Cute Monogrammed Burlap Wreath

I recently made this monogrammed burlap wreath for my friends’ 50th wedding anniversary. I found it originally on Pinterest from emmamag.com. Adding the monogrammed letter was my idea though. I love to make crafts but have never been very good at it. I always try to find crafts that are pretty basic and hard to […]

Raising Awareness of Kidney Disease: Thoughts From A Kidney Nurse

Today is World Kidney Day! In honor of┬áthis special day, I thought I would share my thoughts about kidneys and also raise awareness of kidney disease and failure. I worry about my kidneys a lot. Probably more than the average person (the average person might not even know what the kidneys do). This is because […]