DIY Easy Garden Starters Using Paper Cups

(This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them and purchasing featured items can earn me commissions) I am so excited for spring this year! I have been trying to start a garden for a few years now. I always manage to get hung up somewhere along the line though. 3 years ago I was actually […]

Getting to Know Moms in Scrubs: I Was Nominated For The Liebster Award!

Moms in Scrubs was nominated for the Liebster Award 2018! I am very honored by this nomination! The community of bloggers is AMAZING. I started my blog as a way to earn extra income but also because I wanted to help others by sharing my journey of “becoming better”. A huge part of blogging is community […]

6 Reasons Why Home Exercise is Awesome

This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them and purchasing items can earn me commissions. I only share products that I own or would purchase myself.  I’ve always known that exercise is important. However, it has been very hard to ever get into a daily habit of it. Life is constantly pulling me in a million […]

Count Your Many Blessings: Thoughts on Keeping a Gratitude Journal

I recently started keeping a gratitude journal. Well actually, I just write what I am grateful for each day in my daily planner.It is something that is very simple, takes very little time, but has greatly improved my happiness and outlook on life. Throughout any given day there are ups and downs. What we focus […]

Learning From Our Parenting Mistakes and Moving Forward

I want to talk about parenting mistakes. We all have made them, whether or not we like to talk about them. As I am trying to establish my blog, I have been trying to offer parenting advice. As I search for resources on parenting, I have been overwhelmed by the amount of advice on parenting […]