I was so excited when we moved into our house almost 3 years ago. We actually had our own yard! Our kids could play in the backyard, which is so much easier than a park(I’m a bit of a homebody, haha). But, since I had not previously had a yard, I realized I had no outdoor toys. How boring! Over the years we have built up our collection of outdoor toys. Some have been gifts, but almost all were under $50(some even cheaper)! I wanted to share them with you to save you the trouble of spending hours on research(like I did for some of these). So here are 7 must-have outdoor toys that my kids love! (These are affiliate links, clicking on them and ordering items will earn me a small commision at no extra charge to you)

Gardening tools                                                

This was the first toy we got for our yard. It is still one of the kids’ favorites (but maybe not mine, haha) The wagon that comes with this set is definitely a plus as well. It is helpful to store all of the tools in and the kids love to pull it around the backyard. But the gardening tools are great too! They are definitely a little bit cheap… But most have held up ok over the years. I really want to get these more sturdy gardening tools too though!                                                                   


Basketball hoop                                               

Another simple and inexpensive toy, that is a favorite of the kids. They love to put anything through the hoop, not just basketballs. I love that it is adjustable too, for as they get bigger. This one even comes with 3 basketballs. They must have been thinking when they did that because toys are so easily lost, lol!

Little Tikes slide                                               

This is a really basic slide. It is best for small toddlers( 18 months-3 years) But even though it is small, my daughter who is 5 still loves this slide. Other kids who are under 5 who have come to our house love this slide too. It is small enough that I even had it inside for a bit before moving it outside. The only problem that we have with it is that the blue handles at the top never stayed on. It works just fine without them though! I have thought about getting a bigger slide, but they are all more expensive so I have been reluctant. A friend of ours has this bigger slide, and my kids really liked it. It is still a lot cheaper than buying an actual play structure, and is pretty sturdy too!

Bubble Lawnmower                                       

This is our most recent addition to our toy collection. Our son is 2 and of course, wants to do everything that daddy does. He loves to help mow the lawn! And it blows bubbles. I mean what could be better? Haha, but really this is a definite must-have outdoor toy!

Mini Trampoline                                              

We bought this trampoline with hopes of helping our daughter learn how to jump. She is developmentally delayed and still can barely just off the ground or run. This trampoline was helpful for her! The handle is very sturdy and very helpful. She still jumps on it everytime we are outside and now my son(who is 2) loves it too. It has, unfortunately, went up in price over the last couple of years, but still worth it I think!

Picnic Table                                                        

Ok, this isn’t a toy I guess but my kids love it! It’s light, folds down easily, cleans easily. We love being able to eat outside as we enjoy spring and summer. Now I had a really hard time picking which picnic table. There are some that are cheaper, but they also seem to be more cheaply made. I like that this one is neutrally colored and more sturdy than the all plastic ones. It has the best reviews as well.


Everybody needs a wagon! Seriously though. My kids love this thing. They love to be pulled around the backyard. They would let me pull them all day if I didn’t get tired, haha. My daughter is actually strong enough to pull my son too! They both love to pull it around the backyard empty too. Or dump rocks in it, lol. The one complaint we have with this wagon is that the door is hard to latch and unlatch. We usually just don’t bother latching it though and it works just fine. I love that it has the door so that it is easier to get in and out. Comes in green or blue! There is one that comes with a canopy too which might be nice if you are going on walks with it.


This was one of the latest additions to our backyard. We waited for birthdays though and asked for it as a gift. It was the cheapest playhouse I could find with good reviews. I love that it has the water/sand table and the little mailbox. My daughter was obsessed with “Blues Clue’s” at the time, so it was perfect. It comes with a play screwdriver that they can use on the fence as well. It’s been a huge hit!


We hope to someday have a nice play structure for our kids. But right now it just wasn’t an option. My kids are hard on things as well. So I am glad I don’t have to worry too much about any of these toys. They are cheap enough that we can replace them if we need to. I hope this list was helpful for you! Outdoor toys for your backyard don’t have to break the bank. All of these toys are kid tested and approved too! What are your favorite outdoor toys? Happy summer to you all!

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