I went through 2 pregnancies and nursing of babies as a nursing student/nurse. Knowing what maternity scrubs to buy and where to buy them was a challenge. I was also on a budget and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on scrubs I would only wear for a few months. At the time, I didn’t know any pregnant nurses and didn’t even think to turn to Google for help. I really could have used a post like this though! Hope you find it helpful! (This post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them and ordering products can earn me commissions with no extra charge for you)

I tried to go for as long as I could without having to wear maternity scrubs. I bought a couple “stretchy side” types from a thrift store. But eventually, I had no choice, my scrub tops were barely fitting! I just didn’t like the idea that I had to buy special scrubs just to wear for a few months and then never wear again. With a little creativity and some help from my local scrub store, I was able to find some options that worked for me. I have also asked some other mom/nurses for their suggestions to put together this post. 

Maternity Scrubs

I never actually wore real maternity scrubs. I am petite and my belly grew straight out. I was sure I would outgrow any maternity top I tried. I know a lot of people now who can make maternity scrubs work. I found a few options on Amazon that have great reviews. 


Maternity Scrub Alternatives

As I mentioned above, I actually did not buy traditional maternity scrubs. I have talked to a lot of other nurse moms who did not buy maternity scrubs either. Here are a few options if you are not looking for traditional maternity scrubs.

Button up tops

My favorite scrub tops for while I was pregnant were jackets or button-ups. My baby was due in September so that meant I was at my biggest during the summer. Using the button up style meant I could wear a normal maternity t-shirt with the button up over it(not buttoned obviously). Long sleeve jackets were not an option because it was so hot, but if you have a winter baby they would work great! They do have short sleeve versions though! I love these options on Amazon. They come in multiple colors too.

What is great about these button-up tops is that you can wear them for while you are nursing as well! I found these tops super helpful because it saved me from having to lift up the scrub top up in order to pump. It is kind of a pain to lift a scrub top since you often have tons of stuff in your pockets. I love when I can lots of use out of an item. Buying button up scrubs is the way to go!

Size-up regular scrubs

Some women choose to buy the “unisex” style scrubs in a size up from your normal. This will give your belly plenty of room to grow, without the added price of “maternity” scrubs.

Stretchy waste bottoms

Now, I also hated the idea of traditional maternity scrub bottoms. For one, I have a very hard time finding pants that fit me right because I am pretty petite. I knew I would have to try them on. So I went to my local uniform store asking for help. The store worker suggested the Koi Morgan yoga style scrub pants. They have a super stretchy, yoga style waste with a drawstring. The waistband can also be rolled down so it will stretch around the bottom of your belly. These are still my favorite pants by the way. I bought some more recently because I love them so much. They don’t fall down like a lot of my other pants have. There are other “yoga waist” or stretchy waiste options as well.

These are very high-quality scrubs. I only bought 3 pairs because of how pricey they were to me. It helped that I knew I could wear them after my pregnancy as well though. And they have lasted me a long time, they have barely shown any wear in years.

Ideas from others

Here is another post I found from another blog called Midlevelyou. It’s called Pregnant? Best Maternity Scrubs

Stay tuned

Stay tuned for more advice for navigating pregnancy while nursing! Thanks for reading! What are your favorite scrubs to wear while pregnant? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Great topic, scrubs are getting better and better in design for pregnant & nursing moms. I used to love the stretchy waist or at least using a belly band with the drawstring waists

  2. Great Information. I wanted to also input there is a new product that just hit the market and its a hands free pumping scrub top! This has a built in bra. It very helpful for nurses on the go.

    1. Thanks for the comment! And that’s awesome about the new product! I will add it on to my post.

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