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I’ve always known that exercise is important. However, it has been very hard to ever get into a daily habit of it. Life is constantly pulling me in a million directions and I often don’t make exercise a priority. I started exercising daily in February though and it has helped me so much(mentally and physically). I want to share my experience with you because it has helped me so much and it has been so easy because I exercise at home!

Back in February, I was feeling very down and depressed. Besides work and taking care of the kids’ basic needs, I was barely surviving. I spent my free time binge-watching Netflix. The house was constantly messy unless company was coming. Life was just blah. I decided something had to change.

I decided to start exercising daily. I knew I could find free workouts on Youtube so I decided to work out first thing after feeding the kids breakfast and reading some church material(another goal of mine). The first few days were a bit of a challenge since it wasn’t a habit yet. I found some great low impact fun workouts that made it easier though.

What is holding you back?

Motivation was the biggest thing that was holding me back before I started exercising. I was so tired and unmotivated that I pretty much just sat on the couch all day when I wasn’t taking care of the kids. Now, I do work part-time swing shift as a nurse, which is very tiring. It was easy to use this as an excuse. I work super hard when I’m on the job. Also working until midnight makes getting up in the morning hard. Luckily I do get a lot of days off in a row to re-adjust but I always end up staying up late anyway.


Why Home exercise is awesome

1. It’s Simple

All I have to do is change my clothes, put on some shoes, and grab my laptop. No driving to the gym. Or having to get the kids ready to go to gym or on a walk. I need exercise to be simple otherwise it is easy to make excuses or run out of time.

2. It’s private

A lot of people don’t like working out around other people. I don’t love it either. It is nice to not have to worry about people seeing me work out. I don’t have to worry about looking silly doing new moves that I am unsure how to do.

3. It’s FREE

I am the ultimate frugal DIY person. Paying to workout is a silly idea to me. There are thousands of free workout videos on youtube. I have done a lot of different types of workouts in the past so it is easy for me to modify workouts to my skill level. The hardest part about free videos is finding the right workouts. That is why so many paid workout programs are offered as well. I think that if you have specific goals in mind a paid workout plan may be worth it. For me though, I just want to get some fun cardio in for 20-30 minutes.

Here are 2 of my favorite workout channels on youtube:

Jessica Smith T.V: She has a ton of different types of workouts. Yoga, “power-walking”, strength training, and cardio. She almost always shares modifications to make things low-impact. There are all different lengths of videos ranging from 10  or 12 minutes all the way to 45 minutes. I personally love 25-30 minute exercises. Just enough time to feel energized but not worn out. She also has a dvd workout set you can buy and couple of websites: and

Body Project: This channel was started by a British couple. They are super funny. They also have a lot of low-impact simple workouts. My favorite is the H2O series. It is a series of 5 20 minute workouts that are super fun but challenging too. They also have a website where you can pay for a personalized workout plan.

Now, I did spend some money buying exercise clothes and some hand weights/equipment. Here are a few good finds from Amazon to enhance your home exercise. I included the puzzle mat because it would be a softer surface to workout on that the kids would love too.  For most of my clothes, I went to Ross(pretty much my favorite bargain store). I honestly couldn’t find any clothes I would buy on Amazon.

4. It can be fun!

But really it can! I still go to the gym sometimes with my husband, but the gym is so boring(unless you go to group workouts)! I have always liked dance like workouts but I am not super coordinated. Zumba is even too hard for me. There are a lot of aerobic exercises that are to Zumba or dance moves but aren’t as hard to follow. Most of these fall into HIIT (high-intensity interval training) but there are tons of “low impact” versions. I love these! With some music going it is kind of like dancing! I have even found some actual EASY dance workouts too.(Jessica Smith does have a simple Zumba style workout that I like)

5. I’m seeing results!

Ok, so I have always been “skinny”. My biggest body issue is what I call my “mommy tummy”. I have diastasis recti, meaning my abdominal muscles have split apart. This means my tummy pooches out. I seriously look 15 weeks or more pregnant all the time. I am constantly sucking my tummy in because I feel so self-conscious.

Working out these last couple months has helped bring my abs back together some. It is a very slow process but even the little progress I have made is exciting(sorry no before/after pics). I have also lost some extra mommy fat so I don’t feel as self-conscious about my tummy sticking out.

If you want more information about fixing diastasis recti Natalie Hodson has a great program. (It does cost money)

6. I’m definitely happier!

My main goal of working out was to get out of my mental slump. Working out has helped me have more of a morning routine. I seem to have more motivation throughout my day to accomplish my goals. I adjust to adversity and stress better. Overall, I am so much happier! Here is another post about how exercise is helping me fight depression and be happier.

So what are you waiting for?

I am so glad that I decided to make the commitment to start working out. Home workout was definitely the solution for me to stop making excuses and get started. You may have another type of exercise that is more appealing. There are so many different ways to exercise. Even going for a simple walk is better than nothing. So find what works for you and get to it!


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