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I am always looking for quiet toys for my kids to bring to church each week. There are a lot of cute quiet books online that are just too expensive. I actually bought two pretty basic ones that were decently priced but my kids don’t really like them much. This is why I decided to make my own.

I have known that you can make fun things with felt, but have never been a super talented crafter. Projects that I complete have to be pretty simple and not super artsy. I only recently bought a hot glue gun(I know sad right?). Prior to this, I didn’t realize how valuable a hot glue gun is in the crafting world (I was totally clueless!). I have used mine a lot since buying it! It is super handy. It was very helpful with this quiet book.


These are the supplies I used: Hot glue gun, fabric marker, scissors, circular cutter(optional), felt, string, beads, complementary fabric(optional), cardstock(for making templates), stencils, felt sticker letters(super easy!).

Do you need craft supplies? Use my links below!


Okay, so as I have mentioned I am not an expert crafter. I have found a lot of other tutorials that are much more detailed and provide templates. Here is one that I got some of my ideas from powerful mothering. This is a great tutorial! So many cute pages. My felt book is small and much more simple though. I tried to do things that I knew my kids would like. Here are the pages that I made: felt quiet books

Cutting felt and binding book

This is where the circular cutter came in handy. I used my cutting mat and a ruler to cut my felt in half. You could easily just use fabric scissors though.

I chose to sew my book in order to bind it. But I also thought about using pipe cleaners or string though too. I hand sewed the binding, but you could also probably use a sewing machine.


I happened to have a few different fabric squares sitting on my craft table as I was beginning to work on these felt books. I noticed that they matched my blue felt and remembered that I had some letter stencils that I had bought a while ago. So, using a pencil to trace the letter onto the fabric and then using my fabric scissors to cut around them, I had myself some cute little letters. I used my hot glue gun to attach the letters.

felt quiet book

Numbers page

I didn’t have any number stencils or I might have used them to make the numbers. Instead, I just wrote some block numbers on the felt as best I could and cut them out. The theme of this felt book is that it doesn’t have to be perfect! Your kids won’t care if things aren’t perfect.

Next, I cut some string to the length of the book. I also cut out some little circles of felt to attach the string to the other side. I had a container of plastic beads of various sizes that worked perfectly for adding onto the string.

Then, hot glue it all on. This is actually somewhat hard. I burned myself a couple of times because believe it or not, hot glue is hot! Haha.

Shapes and Person page

For these two pages, I drew out some templates on card-stock. As I mentioned before these were not perfect. My kids love these pages the most. They don’t care at all that they aren’t perfectly drawn. I used the card stock templates to make the shapes themselves and also traced them onto the felt book page. I used my little card-stock person as a guide to draw out some clothing items and hair. Again, not perfect, but the kids love it!

Letters and Racetrack page

I bought some stick-on felt letters at the craft store, not really sure ahead of time what I would do with them. I decided to keep it simple and just stick them on in order. My daughter is still learning her letters so I thought it might be helpful.

For the race track page, I laid the piece of felt on the open felt book page and drew an outline that fit on the page and then cut it out and glued it on. It was pretty simple and again, not perfect. My son loves driving his cars on it though!

Back Cover

I used the back cover to attach a pocket to store the extra pieces of felt. Originally was going to sew on some felt or fabric, but to make it easier I used my hot glue gun. It works great, but sewing might be better for long-term use.

The End

That’s it for this DIY project. Stay tuned for more easy DIY projects. I hope to show how anyone can do DIY stuff, even if you are not super crafty! This project was also very cheap. Each piece of felt cost 50 cents I think. There are often sales on felt as well for even cheaper. If you already have some on hand then it is basically free! This is another reason why I love DIY! Thanks for reading!



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