I often catch myself comparing myself to others. Or getting discouraged because someone else is better at something than me. It makes me feel bad. Like I should give up. Even though I know I shouldn’t

This is always a huge hit to my self-esteem too! We need to stop being so hard on ourselves. I came up with 4 ways to stop comparing yourself to others.

You are YOU

While we may have similarities to other people. We are ALL unique. We each have something unique to contribute to the world. How can we contribute to the world if we can’t stop comparing our progress to someone else?

I love the quote above from Dr. Suess. Whenever I am feeling discouraged. I think about this quote. No one else is youer than you! Yes maybe someone else is better at a particular thing, but no one has our exact abilities and gifts that make us who we are.  Our own unique struggles and triumphs make us who we are and everyone has a different set of these.

Be better than YOU were yesterday(not someone else today)

Just because we are not good at something now doesn’t mean that this will always be true. We have to keep trying, keep improving, keep trying new things.

If we are comparing progress we make to someone else who is already way better at something then it is easy to get discouraged. But when we compare our progress to yesterday or last week, last month, or last year, we can begin to see that we are improving. So all that matters is that we are a little better today than we were yesterday.


We will bloom much faster if we stop comparing ourselves to others. We all have something unique to offer the world. It is hard to find what that is if we are always thinking that someone is better than us.

Sometimes when we are super discouraged it is really hard to think about what we are good at. At these times we should think about what makes us us. Maybe you are funny and able to make people laugh? Maybe you are a talented writer? Or crafter? Maybe you like to encourage others? Or you are a good teacher?

Everyone has something they are good at or maybe you want to be good at something? Start there and work every day on becoming better at whatever that is. This is why I started this blog. I wasn’t sure if I could be a good writer or if I could really write things to help people. But I wanted to. Every day I try to spend time writing or thinking about what I could write that can help my readers.

Focus on the good that you have accomplished

Maybe you ate breakfast for the first time in a while or drank more water. For me, I count it as an accomplishment if I talk to someone I don’t know. I simply say what comes to mind at the time. We never know when simple comments can brighten someone’s day. It doesn’t have to be a big thing.

I have started keeping a gratitude journal where I write at least one thing each day that I am grateful for. There are some days where there isn’t much to be grateful for. But taking the time to think about my day and focus on the good helps me be more positive and in turn less hard on myself. Here is another post about stopping our negative thoughts.

I am working on a post specifically about gratitude journals so look for that coming soon!

Just keep going!

As we continue to go forward worrying only about our own progress we will become better! I know that this is true. Remember these few things when you find yourself comparing yourself to others. You are unique and you only need to be better today than you were yesterday. So just keep going!


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