Tomorrow is the first day of the bi-annual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! If you have friends who belong to the “Mormon” church, you may have heard of it. But do you know what is all about? That’s what I want to tell you!

What is General Conference?

Each April and October we have a chance to hear from our church leaders. We believe that there are prophets today, just like there where in the old testament. A prophet is someone who speaks for God. Just like when Jesus Christ was on the earth, we also have 12 Apostles and lots of other “auxiliary” leaders for the women’s organization, young men/young women, and Sunday School. There are even “seventies” over the geographical regions of the church. We get to hear from many of them during general conference.

General conference is pretty long but full of lots of uplifting content. There are five 2 hours sessions with lots of “talks” and musical numbers.

What is talked about?

Each leader who is chosen to speak chooses whatever topic that they feel inspired to talk about. Lots of prayer and thought go into each “talk”. There are lots of different topics but the general theme of all talks is to council and inspire the church members. It is a time that we look forward to every 6 months as a time to receive personal revelation or guidance on important life decisions.

Is it just for Mormons?

General conference isn’t just for people who belong to our church. It is for everyone. You can choose whether or not you believe that we really have a prophet who speaks for God. Either way, the things said in general conference are very uplifting and helpful! Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from previous conferences.

general conference

If you want to learn more about general conference or any other part of the church, I invite you to visit

You can watch general conference here Sessions are at 10am and 2pm(mountain time) on Saturday and Sunday.

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