Easter is one of my favorite holidays. Spring has always been my favorite season too. I don’t think that you need to spend a lot of money in order to have a fun Easter. In this post, I will share everything from crafts to easter egg hunts and other fun Easter activities for kids. Most of which can be purchased at the dollar store!

Easter/Spring Crafts

These 2 crafts I am going to share are super easy but so cute! I love doing DIY projects but I’m honestly not super crafty. Although it is true that some DIY crafts end up costing as much as just buying it at the store these 2 crafts cost less than $15 total. Yup! I love CHEAP DIY.

Sparkly Egg Flowers

I’m calling this one “sparkly egg flowers”. All of the items were purchased at the dollar store! I absolutely love the sparkly eggs. They were the inspiration behind this craft. I saw them and decided I had to make some sort of decoration with them. I found the cute vase and the matching flowers and tada! Easy Easter Craft. The only problem I had with this craft was that my kids loved the sparkly eggs too and kept stealing them, haha! At least none of it is breakable(another perk).

Tulip Wreath

I have to be honest, I actually stole this idea from a friend of mine. She posted a picture of her wreath on facebook and I saw it and said to myself “I can make that!”. I have always loved wreaths. I have one that I made for Christmas a couple of years ago and I am definitely looking to add to my collection. Here are the supplies that I bought. You will also need a good pair of scissors or wire cutters to cut apart the flowers. The wreath is 18 inches and was $5, and the flowers were a couple dollars each. I got these at Joann fabrics but similar items can be found at any craft store. Score!

Here are some step by step photos. The hardest part that I found was cutting the flowers apart because I have terrible scissors. My hand hurt a little afterward but not too bad! The craftiest part is weaving the flowers on and making it look even. Even with all that this whole project took me about 30 minutes!

Depending on where you are planning on putting your wreath you may want to add some glue here and there. Mine will be behind a screen door so I’m not too worried about losing pieces but that could happen. Just an FYI.

Activities and Gifts for Kids

I have 2 young kids. We have way too many toys already, but I still want my kids to have a cute Easter basket and to have fun doing Easter egg hunts and other Easter activities. This is why the dollar store is my best friend! I put together 2 Easter baskets and got eggs and candy to put together a simple egg hunt for them for super cheap! Here are the Easter baskets.

Really basic stuff that I know my kids will get excited about. And I love the buckets because we can also use them for the Easter egg hunt this year! I also keep my egg hunts really simple. I put one or two jelly beans in each egg so that they make noise when you shake them. I may start putting more exciting things in them as they get older, but for now, they love it, and it’s super easy.

I also found an Easter egg dye kit at the dollar store this year. Truth be told I have been a little scared to do this because of the potential mess(my kids are 2 and 5 this year). I figure I’ll cover the table and floor with newspaper and go for it. The kids are already excited about this too.

Anyways, that’s all that I have for you! I hope you have a great time celebrating Easter this year! And Happy Spring!

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