Have you ever planned a perfect dinner only to make a mistake and have it not turn out right? Or planned the perfect day only to have things change last minute or not go as you hoped?  I know I have many times. It is easy in these times to think “why do I even bother?”  or “I’m not meant to have one fun day” or “I’m never going to be successful.” or “I’m a bad parent because I can’t even cook a simple meal” It is in these moments where things are going wrong that we must stop our selves and look for the positive. Every mistake can be corrected. Bad days get better. There is always time to fix what has gone wrong. And always a lesson to be learned.

A lesson from cheese sauce

I actually had an experience like this tonight. I decided that I was going to make one of my recipes I came up with and also document it as I made it so I could share it on my blog. Since I am still new at this so I spent extra time trying to get the pictures perfect and writing down ingredients and steps as I went. I was so happy, things were going well until I basically ruined the cheese sauce.

It had been a little while since I had made this recipe(homemade cheese sauce) so I forgot how much milk I usually put in and put in way too much. I kept adding more and more cheese in hopes of reviving the ruined cheese sauce. When this didn’t really help I began to go into a full-on panic and the negative thoughts flew in. I tried as hard as I could to fight them but I couldn’t think of a way to fix the cheese sauce. I was so mad and discouraged. Some of my thoughts were: I wasted a bunch of cheese, what would we eat for dinner, what about documenting my awesome recipe? I couldn’t even make it right. Can I really do this blog thing? It is crazy how quick all the negative thoughts can fly in and try to destroy any good thing we were trying to accomplish.

negative to positive

Making it work

Tonight though, I was determined to not give up. I was determined to figure something out. And so what about the blog post? I will make cheese sauce again, and hopefully never mess it up again. There had to be a way to fix it. After much contemplation and fighting with my negative thoughts, I realized I could turn the cheese sauce into bean dip. I was already making refried beans to go with the nachos so I added some of the runny cheese sauce in and ta-da we still had dinner. It was a hit with the kids even!

negative to positive

The Lesson I learned

The lesson I learned from all of this is to never give up and to stop being so hard on myself. Things don’t have to be perfect in order for us to be happy.

My life often goes in waves. There will be times where I’m happy and things are going well, followed by times when nothing seems to go right. I am learning to be happy no matter what is happening around me. Sometimes I am confident, sometimes I am anything but. We have to keep going despite life’s challenges. This is how we get stronger and become better. Things may not always go as planned but we can still be happy knowing that it will get better. Never a failure, Always a lesson!

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