This week, I finally broke down and bought a planner. Prior to this, I’ve always been “too cool” for a planner. I’ve always been a “fly by the seat of my pants” kind of person. I determine what I want to accomplish by what sound fun at that particular time. I don’t like being forced to do something at a set time.

So why the change of heart?

The truth is though, that a planner really can help us be more organized. It is actually really nice to be able to plan our lives a week or more in advance. It helps us be more productive. And helps us track our progress as we do so. This has been especially true as I am working on this blog. I am planning ahead what posts I would like to have upon what day.  This is why I finally bought a planner.

I didn’t buy it just for my blog though. I bought it because I want to be more productive in all areas of my life. It is crazy how easy it is to waste a perfectly good day getting sidetracked by social media or other non-important things. By writing down and looking in our planner daily, we can remember what we meant to accomplish and hopefully waste less time.

Is it magic?

Having a planner doesn’t automatically make you more productive though. You still have to think about what you would like to accomplish for the day. Writing in the planner is one step that will help us remember though. It’s like taking notes in school. The act of writing things down helps commit them to our memory.

It’s ok if you don’t stick to it 100%. It at least shows what you hoped to accomplish so that you can move whatever that was to a new place and try again. You don’t have to write in it every day. But it does help. I am going to add “planner time” to my morning routine, where instead of just thinking about my day, I will look in my planner and possibly write new goals and ideas down.

I feel like I should be selling some sort of planner now that I just pitched these ideas to you. If you are interested, I found my planner on Amazon (I pretty much buy everything on Amazon but you don’t have to). It’s called a bloomplanner and you can find more about it here. If you were motivated by my post, go to your favorite store and get a planner! Happy planning 🙂

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