I recently made this monogrammed burlap wreath for my friends’ 50th wedding anniversary. I found it originally on Pinterest from emmamag.com. Adding the monogrammed letter was my idea though. I love to make crafts but have never been very good at it. I always try to find crafts that are pretty basic and hard to mess up. This was the perfect project for me!

Materials you will need:


  • Styrofoam wreath(whatever size you prefer, mine was 15 3/4 I think)
  • 2 yards of burlap
  • 1/2 yard of accent fabric of your choice
  • scissors
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • ribbon or rope to hang the wreath
  • Wood monogram letter and paint(optional)
  • Lint roller (for cleaning up burlap which is apparently quite messy)

How to make:

  1. I painted my wood letter a teal color to match the teal burlap that I used for my bow. Only do this step if you are adding the monogram letter accent.
  2. Cut burlap into 4×4 inch squares, it does not need to be exact(this is why this was a good project for me). This took a while for me and made my hand hurt a lot, haha. Also, this was when I discovered that burlap is very messy(my table and I were covered)
  3. Cut ribbon to be 2-3 inches wide and wrap around the wreath in one spot and glue in place. This will be where you tie the bow on at the end.
  4. Fold all corners of the square of burlap up and glue the center onto the styrofoam wreath
  5. Repeat step 3 times a million(Ok, maybe not quite that many times). realistically this took me 3-4 hours. 

  6. Tie or glue on your bow, and attach your letter. I chose to pre-tie my bow and glue it on but you can also tie it on so that you can change out the fabric throughout the year.
  7. Use your lint roller and vacuum to clean up all the burlap fibers!
  8. Enjoy!





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