I am a negative thinker. I don’t even know why or how it started. It has been something I have always struggled with. It is not an easy thing to overcome. This has been one of my many goals of late though. To overcome my negative thinking.

As I have mentioned, I am new to the blogging world. I’ve been working on my blog for a little over a month now. The last few weeks have been a fun ride. I have been excited to see people are actually reading my blog. It has also been a very hard few weeks as I have struggled to overcome all of my negative thoughts.

Our success in life depends upon our attitude. It also depends on our self-talk.  If we are constantly telling ourselves that we can’t do something, we are limiting our potential. This has been at the forefront of my mind as I am working on my blog. I don’t want to give up on this like I have given up on so many things in the past. Believing that this will work is so important. Deep down I know that if I keep working, keep writing, keep believing, things will work out.

Here are 5 ways to overcome negative thinking:

1. Take things one step at a time

I have been getting ahead of myself with my progress on my blog. It’s been easy to start focusing on getting followers on different social media platforms. Or to be constantly checking the stats on my blog. I think about how many people I have invited to like my blog and how very few are responding.

What I really need to be focused on is writing. Even if very few are reading right now, I hope to still be able to help those few. This is the most important part of blogging. I can’t worry so much about not getting followers. I will get more followers as I continue to write good content.

I think we often get ahead of ourselves in life. We try to skip ahead in our goals instead of focusing on the basics. When things get hard we give up completely because we never established those small goals.

2.Be aware of self-talk and turn negative thoughts into positive

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with life. This is when the negative thoughts seem to creep in the most. The thoughts seem to be never-ending. It is hard to snap myself out of it.

I have started to be more aware of what I call “self-talk”. When I realize that I am being super negative. I stop myself. I try to change the negative things I was thinking into positive. If I find myself saying “what if this doesn’t work”, I instead think “what if it does?” Or instead of thinking: “what if no-one likes my blog?”  I think, “what if people love my blog?”

3. Stop Comparing yourself to others

I don’t know how many times I have told myself to stop comparing myself to others. It apparently hasn’t worked. It actually may be worse in the blog world. There are thousands of bloggers in the world. Since I am new, pretty much everyone is more successful than me.

It would be easy to say, why bother? Someone else has written better on the topic. Or someone else is more of an expert on the topic.  Or funnier. Someone else is more likable…etc. etc.

That is the beauty of the internet though. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas. And people like to read these ideas. Even if a topic has been written on before, you may have a unique perspective on the topic. One that people may be interested in reading.

If you find yourself comparing yourself to others please try to stop. Focus on you. Focus on the day-to-day. Don’t let those negative thoughts creep in. You are becoming better each day and that is all that matters.

4. Count your blessings

If we really sit down and think about our blessings, they are endless. With my blog, even though it is new, I have had a lot of exciting things happen. Here are a few things I am grateful for so far:

I was able to think of a blog title and run with it. I made my own website(with WordPress‘s help of course) and logo(with Canva’s help). I wrote some blog posts! People read my blog posts! People read my blog that I don’t know in real life. I am putting myself out there more than I ever have before. I am having fun writing!

overcome negative thinking

5. Never, ever give up on yourself!

If you have goals, don’t give up on them! Keep working on them a little at a time. Keep believing in yourself. If you have a bad day, it is ok! But try to stop being so hard on yourself. There is something good that happen’s every day. Even if it is something small. Catch those negative thoughts and do everything you can to stop them. Keep looking for the positive in life and you will find happiness and success!


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